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AllFlex SenseHub animal monitoring

The SenseHub Beef cow monitoring solution brings a new management approach to the beef cattle sector, helping maximize productivity and improve breeding decisions. Powered by market-proven, sophisticated algorithms to analyse animal behaviors based on activity, rumination, eating and other key behaviors, SenseHub Beef delivers actionable information on the reproduction, health, and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups, in real time.

1300 138 247


BladeStop Bandsaw is available worldwide and is uniquely designed to reduce the risk of serious injuries by mechanically stopping the blade when the unit senses that the operator has come in contact. BladeStop is available in two sensing methods.

07 3348 9110

CropLogic realTime

Monitor, track and manage your soil moisture, irrigation and rain events as well as evapotranspiration rate and soil temperature all in the one place, as they happen. Provide multiple users the ability and flexibility to access accurate and concise insights remotely, 24/7, in an intuitive format designed to help you make cost-saving and effective irrigation and agronomic decisions at the click of a button.

03 5023 4958

eShepherd virtual fencing

eShepherd is a GPS-enabled collar and a mobile application to fence, move, or monitor livestock. Draw your boundary anywhere and your cattle are trained to remain within your virtual fence. GPS boundaries are loaded into the collar. Using Google maps

03 8849 8600

Gallagher dashboard electric fence monitor

Dashboard Fence provides real time fence information and alerts from your i Series Energizer to your phone. The Dashboard app will report on the Energizer and up to 6 configured fence zones. Graphs will show current and voltage trends over daily/week

1800 425 524

MarchNet Regional & Remote Communications

MarchNet creates value by connecting people in regional and remote places. We design and deliver quality, timely and affordable telecommunications services, enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of clients in remote and challenging locations.

(07) 3606 1500

MeteoHelix IoT Pro automated weather station

We've shrunk a professional solar powered meteorological weather station costing 2950 EUR into a compact micro-weather station costing only 500 EUR using new IoT wireless technologies and sensors.

0011 1 619 573 9463

Pairtree data centralisation system

Pairtree is a universal dashboard that centralises all of your smart farms Apps, IoT, data, sensors and software. When your data is related, BUT NOT connected, Pairtree integrates these data sets to improve decision support and operational oversight. Pairtree can assist farmers and the supply chain better connect data to improve productivity and efficiency. Pairtree is independent and so you the farmer can choose which solutions to add to Pairtree to provide the biggest gain for you.


Scott Centralised Robotic Palletising

Centralised Robotic Palletising is a flexible approach to addressing fluctuating production requirements, controlling input costs and increasing the quality of packaged products. Each application is customisable to match requirements

03 9335 4344

Stock Mate Livestock Management App

The preferred livestock management software for Australia's leading livestock producers. StockMate works on any modern Android tablet and supports lifetime traceability. It's suitable for grazing and livestock enterprises of all sizes.

07 4659 6000
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