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beef-central-leather-patch-webBeefCentral.com is a free online premium news and market intelligence service dedicated to the Australian beef industry.

It is independently owned and produced by two of Australia’s most experienced rural journalists, Jon Condon and James Nason. Business development and advertising manager is Rod Hibberd (click here to access advertising contact details).

Why Beef Central?

  • Every day, BeefCentral.com is updated with premium content written specifically for the Australian beef industry, including:
    • local, national and international industry news
    • cattle and meat market and price trends
    • supply and demand updates
    • sections dedicated to production, processing, lotfeeding, live export and domestic and international beef trade
    • important management information including weather forecasts specific to your location, profiles on successful beef industry enterprises, research and development updates and comprehensive market wraps and analysis from across Australia
  • We provide the full picture of news and information of importance to the beef industry, from market and trend analysis to reporting industry and Government developments that matter to all industry stakeholders
  • We believe quality information should be available to everyone in the industry, which is why we have chosen to provide our content for free, supported by advertising revenue, ensuring it is accessible to all users without the requirement of a paid subscription

Beef Central’s premium news and information service is objectively written and independently researched by dedicated beef industry journalists supported by a national and international network of authoritative commentators and analysts.

In short, if it matters to the Australian beef industry, you will read about it on Beefcentral.com.

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Complaints policy

Beef Central takes complaints about editorial content seriously. If you have a complaint about something we have written or published please click here for details on our complaints handling process.


What readers say about Beef Central:

A selection of recent testimonials submitted by readers:


Thankyou for your wonderful updates each day.  Living where we live makes keeping up with beef news, marketing etc difficult.  Beef Central has made a huge difference to our lives.

Catherine Driver, Elkedra Station, Alice Springs


For the record, the comprehensiveness of your daily productions is outstanding, so well done. Other industries must envy the beef industry getting such regular diverse reporting.

Peter Dunn


This website has become a real “go-to” for beef industry participants and it all comes down to the quality content, compiled by highly skilled and experienced journos. The corporates would rather attract young and inexperienced journos and put them on lower wages than justify a larger investment for a higher quality output. Beef Central is all that and more so congrats Jon and James for identifying that gap in the market, and succeeding as a result.

Amy Lawson, Amy Lawson Communications


(On BC’s new property section): This is a great idea & so helpful to people on the land who need all the help they can get. Congratulations Beef Central.

Madeline Hayes


Many congratulations Beef Central – a job excellently done. One of my “must reads” every day! Sincerely hope you will still be around to celebrate your 10,000th!!!

John Russell


Congratulations Beef central. Your timely beef news we can access on the go is very much appreciated. Mighty effort!

Ian McCamley, McCamley Cattle Company, Rolleston


I subscribed to Beef Central over 12 months ago, and have found it an important way of getting the correct information on beef cattle. I look forward to reading the daily email each afternoon. Keep up the great work.

Brian Gray


Recently I have subscribed to Beef Central and have found it a very good one stop for industry information.

Con Sullivan


I continue to enjoy Beef Central, you are to be complimented on providing such a great service to our industry.

David Raff, Raff Angus


“A daily delivery of relevant and valuable industry news, delivered electronically and formatted to suit the requirements of a modern industry. I rarely fail to read Beef Central on a daily basis and now find I am constantly using saved editions and articles as a reference resource. Congratulations on a brilliant service to industry.”

Don Heatley, NQ grazier and past chairman, Meat & Livestock Australia


“You guys are doing an amazing job. I’ve been a subscriber from the day it was launched, and I’m always on it. The content is relevant for me, and I enjoy reading many of the articles. There’s a lot of industry newsletters carrying propaganda, but everything you guys do is well researched, timely, and important content for the industry.”

Anthony Puharich, Victor Churchill’s retail butchery and Vic’s Meats wholesale business, Sydney


“There’s a big distraction in lectures every day when the students’ phones go off when the Beef Central email arrives. The lecturers don’t like it, but it’s absolutely worth the risk.”

Lachie Lynch, (former) Muresk Agricultural College student studying agribusiness, from Tara Station, Cloncurry


“Beef Central communicates industry-wide issues efficiently and effectively – not only to paddock to palate subscribers in Australia, but to a worldwide audience. There isn’t much that can be done to stem droughts and flooding rains but quality market intelligence and up-to-date industry news delivered to your inbox daily helps you to take control of the decision-making process, whatever the circumstances.”

Steve Meerwald, Agriculture Connections Australia director and former CEO, Wellard Rural Exports, Perth, WA


“Beef Central has been a truly great innovation for the Australian beef industry. I don’t miss it, and I know it is read extremely widely across all sectors of the industry. While I was involved with industry affairs, it was constantly being quoted-from as a source by high ranking industry, government and regulatory stakeholders. Beef Central inevitably breaks the news that really matters to the industry, and gets the message out swiftly and accurately to stakeholders.”

Greg Brown, immediate past president, Cattle Council of Australia; Meadowbank, Mt Garnet Qld


“In this age where communication and access to knowledge is vital, Beef Central allows us all to keep across the important issues in an unbiased and in-depth manner, on a timely basis. Congratulations Beef Central, and please keep up the great work.”

Richard Rains, chief executive officer, Sanger Australia


“I have been reading Beef Central for some time I find it my primary source of industry information and look forward to its daily content. The email blasts are clear and concise giving snippets into the underlying articles that are easily expanded. Historic articles are easily found on their web site. I read it on my phone, IPad or computer whichever I have at the time. Beef Central is changing the way news is being delivered to the rural community: I think we are seeing the evolution of the future.”

 Mark Gubbins, Victorian stud cattle breeder and past president, Angus Australia.


“Congratulations Beef Central on your second birthday. Beef Central has provided an avenue for all people with even a passing interest in the beef industry, to become better-informed on local, national and international industry news. The ability to present news in a timely and accessible format gives people across the country and internationally the opportunity to be more informed. The news is professionally and objectively written by well-respected journalists. May this milestone be one of many.”

Jim Cudmore, past president, Australian Lot Feeders Association


“What a great industry innovation Beef Central has been. To keep abreast of this complex industry, I need to gather my information from multiple sources, but with the advent of smart phones what better way than carrying your news in your pocket, via Beef Central. The website is current, concise, balanced, accurate and accessible. Well done guys.”

Terry Nolan, Qld meat processor and past president, Australian Meat Industry Council


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