Enlarging Beef Central’s text size


Are you struggling to read Beef Central’s text size?

Several older readers have contacted Beef Central about readability of text included in our articles.

We’re conscious that the beef producer demographic in Australia includes many older readers whose eyesight may not be as good as what it once was.

While the print font size and style chosen for use on Beef Central is set at an industry standard, we have some suggestions to help readers who find on-screen content a little difficult to read.

Page enlargement:

Firstly, open a Beef Central website page as you normally would.

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, at the extreme top right of your computer screen, you will find a small ‘cog’ icon, indicated by the red arrow in the image below.

By left-clicking on the cog icon, a drop-down menu will appear. Go to the ‘Zoom’ setting, and adjust the ‘100%’ setting to 110% or 125%. Experiment with both, to find the setting that best suits your needs. Once set, it will stay at that zoom level permanently, each time you start your computer, or until you change it.

Icon 2


If you are using Chrome as your browser, the instructions are exactly the same, except that the ‘cog’ icon is replaced with a small panel showing three parallel black lines.

It’s in the same location at the extreme top right of your page, as identified in the image below.

The level of zoom in Chrome can be adjusted using the small ‘+’ or ‘-‘ signs.

icon 1

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