How to search the Beef Central website by subject


Looking for an archived news story or information about a particular subject or topic that’s appeared on Beef Central?

Over time, a vast catalogue of information has built-up on the Beef Central database, covering every imaginable topic of interest across the Australian meat and livestock supply chain.

The easiest way to streamline your search for a topic or subject is to use the website’s “Search” function.

The Search function is located at the very top right-hand side of the website homepage window, opposite the Beef Central logo.

To begin your search, simply click inside the Search Box and type your subject description over the word “Search.”

After typing your search phrase, click the magnifying glass icon at the end of the search box or hit the return key on your keyboard.

If the topic exists on the Beef Central website, your search will take you to a new page highlighting a list of related stories. Related stories will be listed in chronological order, with the most recent story appearing first.


Advanced search

If you are searching for a common subject you may find there are many pages of stories that appear in your search. To fine-tune your search you may wish to use the “Advanced Search” feature. The Advanced Search feature provides drop-down menus that allow you to choose specific categories and topics within your subject.

Scroll through the list of options to find the item that best matches your search. Once you’ve located the best option, hit the Search button. A culled list of related stories will then appear in a new page.

You can also access the Advanced Search function via the News tab in the main navigation menu located under the Beef Central logo.

To access the Advanced Search function here, hover your curser over the News tab, then select the “News Finder” option listed in the drop down menu (under Agribusiness). Clicking this option will take you to an Advanced Search page where you can begin your search.



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